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1-Ameer/Sultan Usman Khan bin Artughral

2-Sultan Aur Khan bin Ameer Usman.

3-Sultan Murad Awal bin Aur Khan

4-Sultan Bayazeed Awal bin Murad.

5-Sultan Mohammed Awal bin Bayazeed.

6-Sultan Murad Saani bin Mohammed Awal.

7-Sultan Mohammed Saani bin Murad Saani.

8-Sultan Bayazeed Saani bin Mohammed Saani.

9-Sultan Saleem Awal bin Bayazeed Saani.

10-Sultan Sulaiman Aa'zam bin Saleem.

11-Sultan Saleem Saani bin Sulaiman.

12-Sultan Murad Saalis bin Saleem Saani.

13-Sultan Mohammed Saalis bin Murad Saalis.

14-Sultan Ahmed Awal bin Mohammed Saalis.

15-Sultan Mustafa Awal bin Mohammed Saalis.

16-Sultan Usman Saani bin Ahmed Awal.

17-Sultan Murad Rabea’ bin Ahmed Awal.

18-Sultan Ibraheem bin Ahmed Awal.

19-Sultan Mohammed Rabea’ bin Ibraheem.

20-Sultan Sulaiman Saani bin Ibraheem.

21-Sultan Ahmed Saani bin Ibraheem.

22-Sultan Mustafa Saani bin Mohammed Rabea’.

23-Sultan Ahmed Saalis bin Mohammed Rabea’.

24-Sultan Mahmood Awal bin Mustafa.

25-Sultan Usman Saalis bin Mustafa.

26-Sultan Mustafa Saalis bin Ahmed Saalis.

27-Sultan Abdul Hameed Awal bin Ahmed Saalis.

28-Sultan Saleem Saalis bin Mustafa Saalis.

29-Sultan Mustafa Rabea’ bin Abdul Hameed Awal.

30-Sultan Mahmood Saani bin Abdul Hameed Awal.

31-Sultan Abdul Majeed Awal bin Mahmood Saani.

32-Sultan Abdul Aziz bin Mahmood Saani.

33-Sultan Murad Khaamis Bin Abdul Majeed.

34-Sultan Abdul Hameed Saani bin Abdul Majeed.

35-Sultan Mohammed Khaamis bin Abdul Majeed.

36-Sultan Abdul Waheed Khan bin

37-Sultan Abdul Majeed bin Abdul Waheed.

List of Sultan


Kingdom & Dynasties 168

Background /History

Background of Khilafat Usmania

At the end of Khilafat Banu Abbas the kingdom was broken into pieces and the muslim countries were about to vanish, when Almighty Allah consolidated the muslim power by the Turks.

Turks were gypsies and illiterate but were brave & civilized. With the acceptance of Islam an ambition of Jehad was developed which again established a Islamic Kingdom in the world.

Ameer Usman Khan established the Khilafat/Sultanat Usmania in which 37 Sultan ruled from 687-1342H(1288-1924AD)=655 years.

Ameer Usman
started taking the territories of Byzantine kingdom.

Sultan Aur Khan took over Barusa & Nikaya. Qarasi came under Usmania kingdom.

759H(1358AD)-Captured Gelipoli and started capturing European territories of Byzantine kingdom.

After few years captured Adrianople & Philpopolis. Leaving Qustuntunia entire Balqan was captured.

Sultan Murad defeated the Crusade army and gave them such a lesson that from North no one dared to attack on Usmania Kingdom. For 200 years victories continued.

855H(1453AD)-Sultan Mohammed Sani/Fateh captured Qustuntunia and Byzantine kingdom was destroyed and finished.

877H(1475AD)-Karimia & Aegean Islands were captured. Fort Toronto of Italy was captured.

Sultan Saleem Awal captured Khurasan & Diyar Bakr.

923H(1517AD)-Sham, Egypt & Arab territories were captured.

928H(1522AD)-Sultan Sulaiman Aazam captured Rhodes Island, Belgrade. 932H(1526AD)-Sultan Slaiman defeated Hungary in the battlefield of Mohakas. 20,000 christians were killed including King Louis of Hungary. For 150 years Hungary was a province of Turkey.

935H(1529AD)-Duke Ferdinand of Vienna use to pay tax.

Sultan Sulaiman's Admiral terrified the Coastal territories of Gulf of Rome and cleared the way upto Spain.

944H(1538AD)-Sulaiman defeated the Pope & King of Rome
was defeated badly in the Naval battle.

Sultan Sulaiman kingdom was from Budapest ( Danube) to Aswan &

from Farat( Euphrates) to Gibraltar. Sulaiman Azam period was the peak of Usmania kingdom.

979H(1571AD)-Cyprus was captured.

1048H(1638AD)-Baghdad was captured.

1055H(1645AD)-Candia & Islands were taken away from Venus.

Decline of Usmania Kingdom

1060H(1650AD)-Defeat of Usmania kingdom started.

1066H(1656AD)-Algeria/Algiers got independence.

1110H(1699AD)-Hungary, Podolia, Transilvania went away.

1116H(1705AD)-Tunis got independence.

1197H(1783AD)-Karimia was taken back by Russia.

Mohammed Ali freed Egypt.

1245H(1830AD)-Algiers was captured by France.

1295H(1878AD)-Batum was taken over by Russia.

Cyprus was taken over by Britain.

Romania & Montinegro got independence.

Greece took away Thistly.

Bosnia & Herzigonia was taken by Austria.


1297H(1881AD)-Tunis was captured by France.

1330H(1912AD)-Tripoli was taken by Italy.

1334H(1916AD)-Arabs Took over Hijaz.Therese was captured by greece.

1338H(1920AD)-Allied forces captured Qustuntunia.

Governing body of Usmania Kingdom


Full command on Army & Public life and wealth.

President/Chief Minister:-Responsible for Ministries & Government offices, Judiciary with consultation of Shaikhul Islam,

Shaikhul Islam:-Responsible for Religious affairs, Call for war, Peace agreement & Appointment/Dismissal of Sultan.

Religion of Usmania Kingdom

Turks were true Hanafi Muslims, obedient to the commandments of Almighty Allah
bearing good moral characters, honesty & justice. Their character influenced the people to enter into Islam.

Turks were pious, religious and having firm belief.

Turks were brave, non-prejudice and cooperative and helpful.

Turks believed and followed big Shaikhs due to which some were misguided by False Shaikh.

Turks view about Khilafat

Turks believed in Khilafat and respected the Khulafa so much so that they use to take permission for their kingdom from Khulafa Banu Abbas.




700 H.to 1330 H. = 1300 AD.to 1918 AD.

History of Turks

were from the Aghar nation. They were gypsy's roaming in Eastern & Central Asia. They were rough & tough attacking, killing and looting the civilized populations, due to which people use to fear them. In 600AD they formed a strong kingdom between the Northern Mongolia & china border till Black Sea. The kingdom was in two portions, Northern Turkey & Western Turkey. One tribe of Western Turks adapted the title of Khaqan.

In 86H-705AD Qutayba bin Muslim in the period of Khalifa Waleed bin Abdul Malik captured the Turkish localities, Bekand, Bukhara, Samarqand, Farghana, Kashghar etc. and Islamic Kingdom was established.

In 100H-718AD in the period of Umar bin Aziz Ra several Turkish Kings accepted Islam.

In 105H-723AD in the period of Hisham,
the Turks of Samarqand & Bukhara accepted Islam.

Ameer Ar Tughral- Father of the founder of Khilafat Usmania

Ar Tughral
accepted Islam on the hands of Alauddin Saljuqi.

676H-1277AD Alauddin Kaikbad Saljuqi- Sultan of Qunya made Ar Tughral-Commander in Chief of his army because he defeated the Tatari's & Romans.

686H-1287AD Alauddin made Ar Tughral- Deputy Ruler of his kingdom.687H-1288AD Ar Tughral died and his son Usman became the Deputy Ruler.

1-Ameer Usman Khan bin Ar Tughral- Founder of Usmania Kingdom

687H-727H (1288-1327AD)=40 yrs.

Age:- 71 yrs.

Birth:- 656H.



His father trained & taught him in Islamic ways.

He was brave, courageous, polite, very hard on the enemy but very kind hearted for his people.

His way of fighting was like of
Sahaba. He use to invite the enemy first towards Islam, then second choice to pay tax, lastly to fight.

His life was very simple. He was very generous whatever booty was obtained he use to distribute them to the poors and amongst the army. He never kept for himself.

He was very hospitable. His kindheartedness was very famous.

He captured
Asian Byzantine territories and spreaded Islam.


687H- Batu Khan Grand son of Changez Khan
defeated Alauddin and ended Saljuqi kingdom.

687H- Usman declared his independent kingdom.

688H- Defeated Nicholas and captured Quraja Hisar.

690-697H- Usman organized his kingdom on the pattern of Alauddin Saljuqi and appointed Turks on key posts . He appointed Turk soldiers in his army.

701H- Usman defeated the army of the King of Qustuntunia. Within 6 years he captured several Byzantine forts and his kingdom reached upto Black sea. 717H- Usman sieged the Byzantine important city Barusa. till the army surrendered.

726H- Aur Khan s/o Usman entered Barusa victorious.


2-Sultan Aur Khan bin Usman

727H-760H (1327-1359AD)=33 yrs.





727H-Alauddin:- Brother of Aur Khan.

756H-Sulaiman Pasha:- Son of Aur Khan.

Kingdom:-Area=20,000 Sqml. Population=1,000,000.On North West Asia and in Europe- Zanp, Geli Poli & Threese.

Capital:- Barusa.


gave their sons Aur Khan & Alauddin Islamic Education & training.

He had best quality of Rulership.

He was very particular in following, spreading & implementing Islam.

He was very patient and generous.

He honoured the Ulama & pious Shakhs.

Reforms made by President Alauddin

e minted gold & silver coins in the name of Aur Khan.

The name of Aur Khan was read in khutba/Friday speech.

Separate dresses were fixed for citizens, villagers, muslims & non-muslims.

A regular organized army with all facilities and reasonable salaries was prepared. Regular training was given to the soldiers and army officers.

The army soldiers & officers were given titles and properties for their family requirements.

At a time there was 500,000 Turks soldiers in the army.

Turkish army was kind hearted, they didn't harm the women, children & old people. But they were hard on young one's. The christian enemy use to fear the Turkish army.

Aur Khan gave the title of Pasha to Alauddin. He was the first one to receive this title.

He had a best quality of administration.


727H-Nicomedia was captured.

730H-Naisa was captured from Christians. People of Naisa was fed up by the cruelty of Byzantine kingdom, so they willingly accepted Islam.

737H-Qarasi and Northern & Western portion of Anotolia was captured.

750H-Kantakozene captured Qustunttunia with the help 30,000 army of Aur Khan

754H-John Pleologis & Queen Aina attacked on Qustuntunia. Aur Khan sent his son Prince Usman Pasha with 20,000 army for the help of Kantakozene and defeated the enemy.

755H-Sulaiman Pasha s/o Aur Khan captured Zanp.756H-Sulaiman Pasha captured Gelipoli & big portion of Threese.

Death of Sulaiman Pasha

759H-Sulaiman fell down from the horse while hunting and died.

760H-Aur Khan was shocked by the death of his son Sulaiman and died.

Masjid & Madrasa:- Aur Khan constructed a grandeur Masjid & Madrasa in Naisa & Barusa.

Several Mosques & Guest houses were constructed. The teaching in madrasa became so famous that students from Iran & Arab countries use

to come for learning.

Language:- Turkish language was introduced in schools & offices.

Scholars:- Ibne Batuta- The famous muslim tourist of the world.

3-Sultan Murad Awal bin Aur Khan

760H-791H (1359-1389AD)=30 yrs.

Age:-65 yrs.




Prime Minister:-Khairuddin Pasha

Commander in Chief:-1-Lala Shaheen. 2-Taimur Tash.

Kingdom:-Sultan Murad captured European territories 5 times more than his father.

Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Thereese, Maqdunia & Hungary was captured, and the

Usmania Kingdom reached upto River Danube.

Capital:-1-Demonica of Therese. 2-Aderna (after 3 years.).


was one of the dignified Sultan.

In his 30 years of Rulership, 24 years he remained in the battlefield, and he was

victorious in all the battles.

He was brave & courageous, and use to forgive his enemy.

He was religious, polite, humble. kind hearted, generous and use to take care of the poor.

Revolt of Ameer Kirmania

760H-Murad crushed the revolt of Ameer Kirmania.


fought with Byzantine, captured two important forts of Threese and ultimately captured entire Threese.

764H-Commander in Chief Lala Shaheen entered Bulgaria and captured Philpopolis.

764H-King of Qustuntunia made peace treaty with Murad.

764H-Pope Arban V seeing the victories of Turks, attacked with 20,000 joint forces of Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia & Vilachia. Lala shaheen with a small force defeated the joint force at River Marteza and killed the entire army. King of Hungary hardly escaped. Entire area of South Balqan was captured.

770H-Ameer of Kirman married his daughter to Prince Bayazeed s/o Sultan Murad and in dowry gave a large area of Kirman & fort. 779H-Murad purchased the city Aaq from Ameer of Hameed State, due to which the Usmania Kingdom reached upto Kirmania.

782H-Shah Serbia & Bulgaria rioted and stopped paying tax. Commander in Chief Taimur Tash attacked and captured Munastar & Astab and sieged Sophia. After 3 years of siege it was captured.

783H-Prime Minister Khairuddin Pasha captured Salaneek. 788H-Shah Serbia & Bulgaria again attacked. General Ali Pasha with 20,000 army defeated them and captured Fort Qartwa & Shomla.

791H-Sultan Murad defeated the joint force and crushed them totally at the field of Kasoda.

Suddenly a Serbian called Milosh Kobilowich decieved Sultan Murad and wounded him with dagger. Murad ordered a severe attack. Shah Siberia was arrested and assassinated.

Death of Sultan Murad:- Murad died because of the severe wound.


He made reforms and strengthened his kingdom. He brought peace and comfort.

He made reforms in his army and strengthened his army.

He allotted lands for Royal expenses, and separate lands for mosques and religious organizations.

The christians always use to do conspiracy, so he deputed them on different tasks like,

Cleaning of stables, fixing and removing of tents, looking after the carriage carts etc.

Scholars:- Ibne Khuldun- The famous Muslim history writer.

4-Sultan Ba Yazeed Awal bin Murad

791H-805H (1389-1403AD)=14 yrs.

Age:-44 yrs.




Only Turkistan was left with Usmania kingdom after the battle between Bayazeed & Taimur.Commander in Chief:-Taimur Tash was also Deputy Ruler of Asia.


He was a religious scholar.

He was a brave & courageous warrior.

His victories started from young age.

Victories & Battles

792H-Shah Serbia-Stephen
was defeated in the Battle of Kasoda and agreed to pay tax. Also married his sister Princess Despinia to Sultan Ba Yazeed.

792H-Bayazeed made new peace treaty with King of Qustuntunia. King agreed to pay 30,000 golden coins/year as tax and handed over Fort Philadelphia of Byzantine kingdom to Sultan.

For muslims of Qustuntunia an Islamic Court was established and a Turkish Qazi was posted. A huge mosque was also constructed. 6,000 Usmani force was also posted.

793H-Captured Turkish States Aydeen Iftishar & Saru Khan. Then he captured Qastumuni & Aaq.

794H-Captured Vilachya & Fort Nailopolis.

795H-Bayazeed sent his son Prince Sulaiman Pasha to Bulgaria. He captured Bulgaria. The kingdom of Asqaf Azam ended and he was exiled. People of Bulgaria willingly accepted Islam.

797H-King of Hungary alarmed by the victory of Bulgaria so he requested the Pope, he announced Crusade war against muslims. The kings of European countries jointly attacked on muslim army. The European command was with Count de Nafer. Crusades fought bravely but was defeated thousands were killed 10,000 were arrested. Count was also arrested, when he was brought for assassination Sultan with mercy freed him. All the muslim countries enjoyed the happiness of this victory. The Abbasi Khalifa Motawakal Alallah of Egypt sent gift to Sultan.

798H-Bayazeed sent army to attack on Austria & Hungary. They captured Peter Warden City. Another army recaptured the forts on the bank of Danube.

800H-Bayazeed attacked on Greece and captured Thistly, Dorees & Locarpees.

On the other hand his army captured Mooria.

803H-Taimur attacked on Armeenia and entered the Usmania kingdom. 700,000 Tatari army killed thousands of Turks. Prince Ar Tughral s/o Sultan Bayazeed was also killed.

804H-Taimur & Ba Yazeed wrote letters but no solution resulted. Ultimately two great muslim King's came in the battlefield at Angora. Ba Yazeed came with 120,000 army against 700,000 army of Taimur. Taimur with tears prayed whole night for the victory in front of Almighty Allah. After great killing Ba Yazeed was arrested. His 3 sons managed to escape. Prince Sulaiman escaped to Europe. Prince Mohammed escaped to Imasia and Prince Eisa to Kirmania. Prince Mustafa disappeared.

Taimur respected Sultan Ba Yazeed. Tears came out from the eyes of Taimur on the arrest of a great muslim king.

Taimur said to Ba Yazeed, this defeat of yours is because of your own mistake. If you would have listened to me I would helped you in fighting against the non muslims of Europe.

805H-Ba Yazeed died in the arrest because of sadness.


The fight between Bayazeed and Taimur was a great loss to the muslims, specially to Usmania kIngdom. Western Asia & Eastern Europe slipped off from Usmania kingdom, only small portion of Turkistan was left with Usmania kingdom.

5-Sultan Mohammed Awal bin Bayazeed

816H-824H (1413-1421AD)=8 yrs.

Age:-41 yrs.


Death:-824H. Barusa

Since the death of Bayazeed his 3 sons went on fighting for the kingdom till the 2 died in 816H.


Kingdom:-Recaptured & strengthened the kingdom of his father Bayazeed.


He was very religious, paid handsome salary to the servants of Harmain Sharifain.

He constructed a large madrasa beside Jame masjid Barusa and dining room for the poors.

He was brave patient & humble.

He had good moral character, broad hearted, just & abided promise.

In his short period of rulership he not only finished the internal disputes, but by god gifted army and political ability and talents strengthened the Usmania kingdom as was before the Taimur attack.

He used the tactics of establishing peace, and maintained good relationsnwith the neighboring rulers.

His people were happy with him, even the bios christians liked his kind behavior.

Mischief of Pir Qalicha

Qazi Badruddin, Pir Qalicha and a jew formed a new religion in which all muslims & non-muslims were brother. This movement spreaded very fast and thousands of peoples entered this religion and became a danger for the kingdom. Sultan Mohammed crushed this movement and killed the leaders. Thousands of followers were also killed and this mischief movement was washed away.

6-Sultan Murad Sani bin Sultan Mohammed

824H-855H (1421-1451AD)=31 yrs.

Age:-49 yrs.


Death:-855H. In Aderna, and buried in Barusa.


Turkistan, Albania, Cities on the shore of Greece.


He became Sultan at the age of 18 only, but he had full ability of rulership.

He observed justice, and implemented justice & peace in his kingdom.

He was broad hearted, kind, self confident, generous and very religious.

He was a kind & dignified king.

He built masjid, madrasa, rest houses & hospitals in every city.

He use to gift 2,500 golden coins to the pious persons of Makka, Madina & Baitul Muqaddas.

Battles & victories

825H-Rulers of Anotolia & King of Qustuntunia sent an army in the command of Mustafa to attack on Murad. Murad sent Prime Minister Bayazeed Pasha, but he was defeated and martyred, because the Turkish army betrayed Bayazeed and joined Mustafa. 175

825H-Mustafa took the Naval fleet of King of Qustuntunia crossed Danyal to attack on Murad. Murad himself took the Turkish army defeated and arrested Mustafa. Mustafa was assassinated. This was the end of a betrayer.

826H-Murad attacked on Kirmania and Ameer Kirmania was killed. Murad handed over the Rulership to his son Ibraheem on payment of tax. All the Ameer's of Anotolia surrendered and started paying tax. Ameer Qastumuni handed over half of his territory and married his daughter to Murad.

831H-Ameer Kirmania died Kirmania came under Usmania kingdom.

832H-King of Qustuntunia-Menovail died his son John Pleulogis fearing Murad's attack requested for peace. Murad agreed on payment of 30,000 yearly. King also handed over the Greece cities on the bank of River Strania and on the shore of Red sea.

833H-Murad captured Salunika.

834H-Murad captured Serbia.

846H-Murad attacked on Belgrade but returned unsuccessful.

847H-General Fareed Pasha attacked on Naharman Staut in Translunia. Honyad ki

20,000 Turks, arrested Fareed Pasha and his son and killed them both. Murad sent 80,000 Turkish army under the command of Shahabuddin, but was defeated and Shahabuddin was arrested.

848H-Pope of Europe announced Crusade war and defeated the Sultan army. Murad made peace treaty with Honyad. Serbia was given back and no war pact was signed for 10 years.

Death of Prince Alauddin

Murad's eldest son Prince Alauddin died. Murad became so sad that he crowned his young son Mohammed of 14 years old, and secluded himself .

849H-King of Hungary broke the peace treaty and attacked on Bulgaria under Usmania Kingdom. Murad was forced to come out. He faced the Crusade army at Darna on the shore of Black sea. Crusade army flew away and King of Hungary was killed by a Turk. Cardinal was also killed by Turks. Honyad saved his life by running away from the battlefield. Murad again secluded himself.

849H-Inkisharia army revolted. Murad again had to come out. He crushed the revolt and moved towards Moro in Greece, sieged the Fort Koranth and captured it.

850H-Iskandar Buk rioted in Albania. Murad went and crushed the riot.

850H-Honyad came with a huge Crusade army. Murad defeated them badly. Honyad was wounded and died.

851H-Murad reattacked on Albania sieged Iskandar Buk. He agreed to pay tax and to be obedient.


Allama Taftazani Ra.

7-Sultan Mohammed (Fateh) Sani bin Murad Sani

855H-886H (1451-1481AD)=31 yrs.

Age:-55 yrs.


Death:-886H. Qustuntunia(Istanbul).


Kingdom:-Turkistan, Qustuntunia, Cities of Europe on sea shore,Serbia, Bosnia, Mura & Roman Island.

Prime Minister:-Kadak Ahmed Pasha.


He had good moral character, kind hearted but strict and hard on enemy.

He was brave, strong, swordsman.

He was expert in knowledge & techniques, and good religious scholar.

He could speak Arabic, Persian, Ibrani, Latin & Greece languages also.


He built several masajid & madaris in all the cities.

He also opened a degree college for Mufti & Qazi, and prepared the syllabus himself.

His Mufti & Qazi was not only for teaching, but they were given command to fight in the battlefield.

Battle & Victories

was taxed. Made peace treaty with Honyad.

Victory of Qustuntunia/Costantinople/Istanbul.

857H-Qustuntin XI
was the last Byzantine Ruler.

Sultan constructed a protection wall and big cannons were brought from Hungary which were pulled by 60 pairs of bulls. When the preparation was completed Sultan himself took 90,000 army and sent War Ships in the command of Ameer Babta Oghli to surround from sea side.

Pope also prepared 90,000 Crusade army and sent in the command of Cardinal Sedore. It includeed the aemy of Italy, Spain, Venus & Geneva. Geneva also sent John Jestinani with two war ships. France, Germany, Hungary & Poland did not participated because they took lesson from the previous defeat.

Turkish Naval fleet was defeated by the Geneva war ship. Seeing this Sultan prepared a path of wooden planks made slippery with fats on the hill between Bosphorous and Seaport, and 80 ships were pulled over the hill by bulls and brought in the seaport in one night. whole night the entire army was busy in worshiping and praying in front of Almighty Allah. Romans fought bravly but was defeated Qaisar/Scissors Qustuntin was killed. The city wall was broken by cannons and Turkish army rushed in the city. Qustuntunia/Istanbul was captured and the prediction of Prophet SA was fulfilled.

Sultan entered Qustuntunia and when he reached at the door of the famous Church Aya Suphia, azan was called and Zohar prayer was offered, since then it was made Jame Masjid.

Sultan gave all the religious facilities to the christians. Their churches were handed over to them.

The popes & saints were free from paying tax. The result was that the christians who left Qustuntunia returned back and most of them accepted Islam, seeing the good behavior of muslims.

The Victory of Qustuntunia was celebrated with joy and happiness throughout the muslim world. Congratulations came to Sultan from all over the muslim world.

Sultan first of all constructed a beautiful Jame masjid at the tomb of Abu Ayub Ansari RA.

Qustuntunia was made the Capital of Usmania kingdom. All the Sultan's were now crowned in Qustuntunia.

took over Serbia on the death of King of Serbia.

860H-Sultan fought with General Honyad 24,000 Turks were martyred Sultan was also wounded and came back without success. Honyad was also wounded and later on died.

863H-Sultan attacked on Mura and captured it. Then captured Bosnia. Trabzone & Isfandyar was also captured in Asia.

After these victories Sultan prepared a great strong Naval fleet which was better than all the fleets even better than Geneva & Venus fleets.

881H-Hassan Ozone revolted and captured from Frat to Umudar. Sultan himself went to Azarbaijan and defeated Hassan Ozone.

883H-Sultan captured Fort Karvia & Ashqudra of Albania.

883H-Sultan sent an army to Hungary they captured Transilvania in Hungary. Count Cats came and defeated the Turks, thousands of Turks were martyred, and hundreds were arrested. They killed the prisoners and spread sheets on the dead bodies and ate food. This was the barbarism of the christians, and still they are called civilized.

884H-Prime Minister Kadak Ahmed Pasha was sent to the Islands of Roman sea. He captured Otrant and came back. 177

885H-Sultan sent a Naval fleet to Rhodes Island to crush the corrupt adulterator Saints always exiting for Crusade war. For 3 months they sieged the Island, but had to come back without any result.

8-Sultan Bayazeed Sani bin Mohammed Fateh

886H-918H (1481-1512AD)=32 yrs.

Age:-52 yrs.




Prime Minister:-Ali Pasha


He was well mannered, brave, pious & scholar loving.

Revolt by Ameer Cham

Ameer Cham brother of Sultan Bayazeed revolted and captured Barusa. Sultan sent Inkishari army. They crushed the revolt. Ameer Cham flew away to Rhodes Island.

Pope Nosan VIII wrote to Sultan, if you give 300,000 Dok I will slaughter Ameer Cham. This was the character of the Pope. King of France-Charles VIII with the intention to capture Qustuntunia sieged Rome and tried to take Ameer Cham. Pope poisoned him and sent his body to Astana. He was buried in Barusa.

Sultan Mohammed Fateh captured entire Balqan. Only Belgrade was left which was with Hungary. Bayazeed tried to capture it but could not.


893H-King of Egypt captured Tarsus & Aderna. Sultan collected the army to attack on Egypt but they agreed for peace.


Hassan Ozone died and Shah Ismaeel Safvi established Shiyee kingdom in Iran. Shah Qaul shiyee started propagating shiyaism in Anotolia. Ameer Anotolia turned him out.

Shah Qaul reached Kotahia and started propagating shiyaism. Prime Minister Ali Pasha fought bravely crushed the wretchedness and both Shah Qaul & Prime Minister died.

Relation with Europe

Europe was afraid of Usmania kingdom so now they started sending delegates for having good relations.

897H-First Russian ambassador came from Moscow with gifts and trade pact was signed.

Bolunia State also signed agreement regarding Baghdan.

Duke Milano of Florence & Pope Alexander VI made relations so as to take help of

Land & Naval force of Sultan.

Victories in Europe

Turkish Naval force attacked on Greece Islands and took away from Venus. Turks also captured Rhode Stowe. Ultimately Venus requested for peace treaty which was agreed.

9-Sultan Saleem Awal bin Bayazeed Sani

918H-926H (1512-1520AD)=8 yrs.

Age:-54 yrs.



Prime Minister

918H-Younus Pasha:-Killed in 923H because of not supporting attack on Egypt.

923H-Pir Mohammed Pasha.

Kingdom:-Turkistan, Anotolia, Qustuntunia, Cyprus Cities of Europe on Sea shore, Siberia, Bosnia, Iraq,Sham, Palastine & Egypt.

Qualities 178

He was intellectual, brave, courageous & awful.

He had a dignified personality and was a best administrator

He was a good scholar and established religious schools, colleges & universities.

Fight with Brothers

The 2 brothers attacked on Saleem to snatch his kingdom. Saleem defeated them badly and killed them.

Shah Ismaeel Safvi(Shiya)of Iran

captured Sarwan, Tabrez, Khurasan, Dyar Bakr & Iraq. His intention was to overthrow Usmania kingdom and establish Shiya kingdom. He made pact with Egypt to fight with Turks. He started making shiya by force in Anotolia, and openly abusing Sahaba RA.

Sultan heard this news and became furious, and sent the army to Anotolia who killed 40,000 shiya exploiters.

920H-Sultan attacked on Iran defeated and gave lesson to Ismaeel Safvi shiya. Sultan stayed in Tabrez for 3 months and sent Mulla Idrees the famous scholar to capture Dyar bakr. Idrees captured Dyar bakr. 921H-Ameer of Zulqadria State was always creating problem for the Turkish army, he was arrested and his head was cut off and sent to his master Sultan Ghauri of Egypt. Then Sultan Saleem name was read in the Khutba/Friday prayer in Zulqadria.

922H-Sultan attacked on Egypt. Sultan Ghauri of Egypt fell down from the horse and died, and the Egyptian army flew away.

923H-Sultan Saleem capturing Sham & Palastine reached Egypt. Sultan Tuman bai of Egypt defended but was arrested and hanged. Egypt was captured. Sultan Saleem stayed in Qahira/Cairo for a month, and participated in changing the cover of Kaba. Shareef Makka congratulated on victory of Egypt. Sultan Saleem adopted the title of


Sultan stayed in Damishq/Damascus for a month, constructed Jame Masjid at the tomb of

Ibne Arabi.

924H-Sultan Saleem took the last Abbasi Khalifa Motawakal Alallah with him from Egypt to Qustuntunia. Khalifa Abbasi collected all the Scholars & leaders in Usmania kingdom at Jame Aya Suphia and handed over the Usmani flag, Sword & Mosalla of Prophet SA to Sultan Saleem and honoured him with the Islamic Khilafat. Like this the Islamic Khilafat came to Family of Usman.

925H-Algeria & Tripoli
came under Usmania kingdom.

10-Sultan Sulaiman Azam bin Saleem Sani

926H-974H (1520-1567AD)=48 yrs.

Age:-74 yrs.



Prime Minister


Balqan, Hijaz,Yemen, Iraq, Sham, Palastine, Egypt, Tripoli, Tunis, Algeria, Turkistan, Balqan, Siberia, Bosnia, Tabrez, Karimia, Hungary, Rhodes Island,


He was brave, courageous, kind, humble & honoured the scholars.

Revolt in Sham

927H-Ameer Ghazali of Sham revolted. Farhad Pasha crushed the revolt. Arrested

Ameer Ghazali cut off his head and sent to Qustuntunia.

Battles & Victories

927H-Sultan Sulaiman sent his messenger to King of Hungary for collecting tax. He killed the messenger. Sultan attacked and captured Belgrade. Now entire Balqan was captured.


928H-Sultan captured Rhodes Island.

929H-Sultan captured Karimia.

930H-Sultan attacked with 100,000 army and 300 cannons on King of Sharlkan and captured Hungary.

930H-Sharlkan made his brother Ferdinand, King of Austria. He attacked on Hungary and captured the Capital Budeen/Budapest. Sultan attacked with 150,000 army and recaptured Budapest. Sultan advanced to Austria and sieged Vienna but because of extreme cold weather had to return back. This was the last point in Europe where Turkish army reached.

940H-King Tahmasip s/o Ismaeel Safvi attacked and captured Tabrez. Sultan reattacked defeated Tahmasip and recaptured Tabrez. Then he advanced and captured Baghdad. Sultan stayed for few days and repaired the Tomb of Abu Hanifa Ra & Abdul QadirJilani Ra. 941H-Barbarusa Khairuddin Pasha who was ruling on a portion of Algeria requested to include his territory in Usmania kingdom. Sultan accepted it and made Barbarusa - Admiral of Usmania Fleet.

942H-Andra duria a famous Admiral of Sharlkan Naval fleet attacked on Tunis and destroyed it. Sultan sent Barbarusa. He defeated Andra dura and obtained huge booty from there.

942H-Bahadur Shah Gujrati asked help from Sultan against Portugees who were attacking and destroying muslim population. Sultan sent Sulaiman Pasha-Ruler of Egypt with 75 Naval ships carrying 20,000 army and huge cannons. First of all they captured Aden then they destroyed the Portugees forts at Gujrat shore. While returning back they captured Yemen.

943H-Barbarusa Pasha captured Crete Island etc.

Now Sultani Fleet was biggest fleet, even bigger than Spanish fleet.

944H-France made trade pact wth Sultan.

953H-Barbarusa died and Turghud Pasha was made the Admiral.

954H-King of Sharlkan also made peace treaty with Sultan and agreed to pay 30,000 Ashrafi tax per year.

965H-Shah Tahmasip was again defeated. He handed over Fort Qurs and made peace treaty.

966H-Admiral Turghud Pasha sieged Malta and was martyred.

11-Sultan Saleem Sani bin Sulaiman

974H-982H (1567-1575AD)=8 yrs.

Age:-52 yrs.



Prime Minister:-Mohammed Pasha Aaqil.



was incapable of ruling. Prime Minister managed to maintain the Grace of the kingdom.


Trade pact with France
was revived due to which the christian Turks were influenced by France which later became problem for Usmania kingdom.

Revolt in Yemen

976H-Imam Zaydia Muttahir bin Sharfuddin revolted in Yemen. Prime Minister gave the Rulership of Yemen to Usman Pasha and sent him with a huge army to attack on Yemen. Sanan Pasha- Ruler of Egypt was also ordered to help him. Imam Yemen was defeated and peace treaty was signed.

978H-Lala Mustafa with 100,000 Naval force attacked on Qibris/Cyprus and captured it. Cyprus remained under Usmania kingdom untill 1304H.

980H-Lala Mustafa attacked on Crete & Shore of Adriatic sea by the Naval force of 255 ships. 75 ships of Spain, 145 of Venus, 12 of Europe & 9 of the wretched Saints of Malta


jointly attacked and 135 muslim ships were drowned the rest were arrested. 20,000 Turks were martyred and 30,000 were arrested. All the Europe enjoyed with happiness the defeat of Turks.

980H-Prime Minister Mohammed Pasha within 6 months built 250 war ships and again the superiority of Turks wes on the Roman Sea.981H-Dawn John captured Tunis by the Spainish fleet. Qaleech Ali Pasha with Turkish Fleet defeated them and turned them out of Tunis.

12-Sultan Murad Khan Salis bin Saleem

982H-1003H (1575-1595AD)=21 yrs.

Age:-50 yrs.



First of all he killed all his 5 brothers.

Prime Minister

1-Mohammed Pasha

2-Sinan Pasha



He was busy in enjoying songs & dance, and the women started interfering in the kingdom.

He left 25 sons and 27 daughters at death.


Wine became common in the army because of interaction with christians.

983H-King of Bulunio left for France. Ruler of Transilvania became the Ruler of Bulunio also, like this both the country came under Usmania kingdom.

France, Venus & England made trade pact with Turks. Queen Elizabeth took special permission to use their flags on their ships while in Bay of Rome.

986H-Sultan of Morocco died, his son Mohammed Mustansir and his brother Shareef Abdul Malik fought for the kingdom. Mustansir took help from Portugal & Shareef took help from Usmania kingdom. Prime Minister ordered Ramzan Pasha- Ruler of Algeria to attack. He defeated the Portugees, both King of Portugal & Mustansir alongwith 20,000 army were killed. Abdul Malik Sani became the Ruler of Morocco under Usmania Kingdom.

988H-Irani's again started fighting. Turkish army captured Tiflis, Shamakhi till Qafqaz/Caucasus. Usman Pasha captured Garjistan. Farhad Pasha captured Tabrez & Shurwan.

990H-Prime Minister Sanan Pasha crushed the revolt in Romania & Transilvania but they again attacked and pushed them back in River Danube till Nicopoli.

13-Sultan Mohammed Salis bin Murad

1003H-1012H (1595-1604AD)=9 yrs.

Age:-38 yrs.



First of all killed his 19 brothers and buried them alongwith his father.

Payed the debts of his father Murad, because he was extravagant in spending.


He was brave and courageous having the ability of rulership.


Corruption in the kingdom started. All over riots & revolts were rising. The army was being defeated everywhere.

He himself took the command and fought bravely. He captured Ghaneem, Fort Arloo.

He crushed the revolt of Anotolia after a long fight.

Shah Abbas(shiya) captured Tabrez. Ameer Trabzone Hassan Pasha was sent to deal with.


14-Sultan Ahmed Awal bin Mohammed Salis

1012H-1026H (1604-1617AD)=14 yrs.

Age:-28 yrs.



Sultan took over power at the age of 14 only, and the kingdom was in a very bad situation.

Prime Minister:-Murad Shah of 85 yrs. Age.



On Iran border Shah Abbas
was advancing.

On Western border Austrian army was advancing.

On Eastern territory revolts were happening, in the leadership of John Polad & Fakhruddin. Prime Minister gave the Rulership of Angora to the biggest revolter Qalandar Oghli, due to which the unity of revolters shattered. Fakhruddin flew away to Sham, and John Polad was pardoned and gave the rulership of Tamswar.

Yousuf Pasha who revolted in Saru Khan, Mushta & Aydeen was defeated and killed. Peace came in the kingdom.

Sanan Pasha defeated Shah Abbas. He requested for peace treaty which was accepted.

Shah Abbas died and Nasu Pasha made new agreement.

1015H-Mohammed Pasha fought with Austria, ultimately Austria handed over Hungary and peace treaty was signed.

1019H-Holland made trqde pact with Usmania kingdom. Tobacco was introduced by this trade.

Mufti Azam gave Fatwa of its being Haram/Unlawful, but the army was addicted, so it could not be stopped.

1021H-Prime Minister collected the Turkish fleet in Bay of Rome due to the fear of Malta Spain & Italy, due to which Russian fleet started rioting in Black Sea. Sultan killed the Prime Minister in punishment.

15-Sultan Mustafa Awal bin Mohammed Salis

1026H = 3 months

1031H-1032H (1622-1623AD)=1 yr.




Prime Minister:-Daud Pasha was killed by Inkisharia army.

His period of 18 months was full of riots, killing, looting and disturbance in the kingdom.

Yousuf Pasha-Ruler of Tripoli-Sham declared independence and formed his own government.

Abaza Pasha-captured Siwas & Angora and formed his independent government.

Prime Minister Kamankash Pasha controlled the situation, threw down Mustafa and brought Murad on throne.

16-Sultan Usman Khan Sani bin Ahmed Awal

1027H-1031H (1618-1622AD)=4 yrs.

Age:-18 yrs.




First of all he killed his brother.

Ameer of Bulunia started creating problems. Usman attacked on Bulunia but was defeated 30.000 Turks were martyred. Inkisharia army refused to fight. Usman tried to form a new army but could not succeed.

Inkisharia army became more strong, they revolted killed Usman and brought back Mustafa.

17-Sultan Murad Rabe bin Ahmed

1032H-1049H (1623-1639AD)=17 yrs.

Age:-31 yrs.



Prime Minister:-


He was brave, courageous and had administrative control.

1032H-Bakeer Agha killed Ruler of Baghdad and formed independent government. Hafiz Pasha was sent to crush the revolt. Bakeer took help from Shah Abbas of Iran, and at the same time let enter the Turkish army. Bakeer betrayed the Turkish army, so they had to leave Iran.

Shah Abbas entered Baghdad and killed Bakeer. This was the result of his treachery.

1038H-Turkish commander Khusru Pasha attacked Hamdan defeated the Iranian army. Then sieged Baghdad but Inkishria army again refused to fight.

Inkisharia became so disobedient that they killed Prime Minister in front of Sultan.

Sultan became furious and took the control in his own hand.

1045H-Sultan himself took Inkisharia and captured Ariwan & Tabrez.

1046H-Recaptured Baghdad. Iranians requested Turkish Sultan to give back Ariwan and they will leave Baghdad under Sultan control. This was agreed and a long dispute was solved.

1048H-Sultan crushed the revolt in Bulunia. His victories would have continued but his life did not allow.

18-Sultan Ibraheem Khan bin Ahmed Awal

1049H-1053H (1639-1643AD)=4 yrs.




He was busy in lust & luxuries of the world.

1051H-Yousuf Pasha captured crete.

Inkisharia again became strong and overthrew Ibraheem and brought his 7 years old son in power.

Peopletried to bring him back but Inkisharia killed him.

19-Sultan Mohammed Rabe bin Ibraheem

1053H-1099H (1643-1688AD)=46 yrs.




He was brought in power at the age of 7 only.

Inkisharia became more strong, looting & killing became common in the kingdom. Armed & Naval forces became weak. Naval fleets were defeated at different places. Enemy toof over the Islands.


He was fond of roaming & hunting and didn't take interest in kingdom affairs.

Prime Minister

Mohammed Pasha Koprili of 95 years age was brought in power. He died in 1072H.


Ahmed Pasha Koprili-Son of Mohammed Pasha Koprili.

He killed the leaders of Inkisharia and controlled them.

He killed the Roman Batreek.

He strengthened the Naval fleet, and within one year defeated the Naval fleet of Venus, and turned them out of sea, and recaptured all the Islands.

Transilvania & Romania were compelled to pay tax.

1072H-Koprili died. His son Ahmed Pasha Koprili was made Prime Minister. He was also brave, courageous & talented administrator.

1072H-Russian Qawaziq came under control.

1082H-Ahmed Pasha with Sultan attacked on Bulunia and took back Ukraine.

1087H-After 15 years of successful ruling Ahmed Pasha died.

1088H-Roman Pope, Russia & Europe jointly decided to turn out Usmani's from Europe. Austria took back Hungary. Venus took back Mura.

1099H-He was overthrown and his brother Sulaiman was brought in power.

20-Sultan Sulaiman Sani bin Sultan Ibraheem

1099H-1102H (1688-1691AD)=3 yrs.

Age:-50 yrs.



Inkisharia again started looting & killing the general public.

Austrian army took benefit of internal riots & disturbances and captured Belgrade. Sultan brought Mustafa the grandson of Koprili as Prije Minister.

Mustafa took control of the army and recaptured the lost territories.

Mustafa brought back the lost grace, honour & dignity of the kIngdom.

21-Sultan Ahmed Sani bin Ibraheem

1102H-1106H (1691-1695AD)=4 yrs.

Age:;-53 yrs.



Prime Minister

Mustafa Koprilil:-Died in 1103H.

Urbaji Pasha:-

Venus & Russia
both were attacking to take back their territories from Usmania kingdom.

22-Sultan Mustafa Sani bin Mohammed Rabe

1106H-1115H (1695-1704AD)=9 yrs.




Prime Minister

Hussain Pasha.

Mustafa Pasha.

Rami Pasha.


1106H-Sultan Mustafa made the attack of Great Peter of Russia unsuccessful. Then attacked on Hungary and captured Fort Lepa. Then defeated Commander of General Fitrafi of Hungary and killed 6,000 of his army.

1107H-Got victory on Austria. But Commander Ogeen of Austria defeated the Turkish army and killed many of them. Prime Minister Almas Pasha was also killed. Sultan managed to escape. Ogeen captured Bosnia.


1108H-Prime Minister Hussain Pasha Koprili stopped the advancement of Austria and recaptured Bosnia.1108H-Turkish Admiral recaptured Rhodes Island from Venus.

Roftash Pact

1115H-Usmania kingdom had to leave Hungary & Transilvania for Austria. Ukraine for Bulunia.

Azaq for Russia. Mura & Dalmasia for Venus.

1115H-Due to the conflict between Inkisharia & Shaikhul Islam, Sultan Mustafa was dismissed and his brother Ahmed was brought in power.

23-Sultan Ahmed Salis bin Mohammed Rabe

1115H-1143H (1704-1731AD)=28 yrs.




Prime Minister

Hassan Pasha

Mohammed Pasha

Yousuf Pasha

Ali Pasha


Sultan was fond of play, songs, music and dances.


Hassan opened many madaris, supported the scholars.

Hassan developed Ship Building Industry.

Sultan Ahmed made the first printing press in Usmania kingdom.

Great Peter

Peter of Zar Russia gave proposal to his country to be close to India & Qustuntunia, because those who will have the treasure of India he will not be dependent on the world, and those who will capture Qustuntunia will rule on the whole world. For this purpose he attacked on Charles XII of Sweden.

1123H-Mohammed Pasha sieged Great Peter & Queen Catherine the in Fort besde River Prute. The Queen sent her jewelry & jewels on which he lifted the siege.

Sultan dismissed Mohammed Pasha and Yousuf Pasha was made Prime Minister. He made peace treaty with Peter, but after few months Peter did not fulfill the treaty due to which battle started. Holland & England in the interest of their trade interfered and peace treaty was arranged.

1127H-Monty Negro revolted with the help of Venus. Prime Minister Ali Pasha attended and captured all the Usmania territories. Venus with the help of France & Austria defeated and killed Ali Pasha. England & Fleming interfered, peace was arranged and Turkey had to give back Belgrade & Serbia.

1128H-Ibraheem Pasha was made Prime Minister. He made a grandeur palace, luxurious gardens at the shore of Bosphorous and daily music and dance show was arranged in which Sultan also participated.

Incidence of Iran

Mir Ashraf of Turkish army
captured Arminia & Garjistan. Shah Tahmasip came with Nadir Khan and defeated Meer Ashraf sat on the throne and captured Tabrez.

Leaders of Inkisharia killed the Prime Minister dismissed the Sultan and brought his nephew Mahmood on throne.


24-Sultan Mahmood Awal bin Mustafa Sani

1143H-1168H (1731-1755AD)=25 yrs.

Age:-60 yrs.



Prime Minister

Tubal Usman Pasha.


Sultan was brave, courageous, kind hearted, generous & well mannered.


1149H-Nadir Shah of Iran attacked on Baghdad. Tubal Usman Pasha was killed. Nadir defeated the Turks at Musal. Peace was made between the two kingdoms and Iran territory was marked.

1153H-Russia & Austria attacked on Usmanian territories. Ali Pasha-Ruler of Bosnia and Karprali Pasha defeated and killed the Russian. Ali Pasha captured Belgrade. Prime Minister Yakun Pasha also killed the Russians. Khan Karimia & Usman Pasha also killed the Russians. French ambassador intervened and peace treaty was signed. Austria & Russia handed over Belgrade & Azaq respectively to Turkey. Moreover Russia was not allowed to keep war ships in Black Sea.

1154H-King of France on the death of King of Austria attacked on Austria, and asked the Sultan for help, but the Sultan did not pay any attention which later resulted problems from Russia

1156H-Nadir Shah attacked on Baghdad defeated the Turkish army, but. Sultan managed to protect the Usmanian territory. Nadir Shah requested Sultan Mahmood to accept the fifth sect of Fiqah Jafria and allow fifth Musalla of Fiqah Jafria at Kaaba, but he totally refused.


Sultan for 9 years paid attention on the internal development.

Sultan had interest in religious knowledge so he made grandeur libraries in Jame Aya Suphia & Jame Masjid Fateh.Sultan made several madaris and libraries and made a Jame Noor-e-Usmania

25-Sultan Usman Salis bin Mustafa Sani

1168H-1171H (1755-1758AD)=3 yrs.

Age:-61 yrs.



Prime Minister

7 Prime Ministers in 3 years. Last was Mohammed Raghib Pasha.


Sultan was fond of Chess, play & songs.

Sultan looked after the welfare of the public.

Too many fire accidents happened in his time.

Sultan liked animals and horses too much once his horse died. He built a grave for it.

Sultan was ill mannered.

26-Sultan Mustafa Salis bin Ahmed Salis

1171H-1187H (1758-1773AD)=16 yrs.

Age:-59 yrs.



Prime Minister 186

Raghib Pasha:- He organized the kingdom and made development internally. Built madaris & libraries in different places.


Sultan was greedy and miser but in the Battle with Russia he spent all his savings.

He conststructed a mosque on the grave of his mother.

He repaired the Jame Mohammed Fateh.

Incidence of Russia

improved their Naval force, equipped it with latest arms & ammunitions. Russia with the help of Austria & Urosia attacked on Usmanian territories and captured upto Romania. Then they crossed Baltic Ocean and along the Western coast anchored at Port Crown of Greece. People of Mura revolted on the initiative of Russia, but the were crushed by Turkish army.

Turkish fleet defeated the Russian fleet but their two Torpedo ships managed to enter Gulf of Chashma, and destroyed the Turkish Fleet.

Russian Admiral Elphinston captured Lamnoose Island and made it the Naval Force Center.to attack on Qustuntunia.

Turkish Naval Force development

A commander of Hungary under Usmania kingdom strengthened the Forts at Danyal Valley.

Installed it with heavy guns and equipped the merchant ships with mortar guns converting to war ships. A factory of mortar guns and war ships started heavy production. A modern college started giving training to the Turks from where large number of Turks came out fully trained. Amongst them was Admiral Qabudan Hassan Buk who defeated the Russian admiral badly and turned him out of Lamnoose Island.

Treachery of Ameer Saleem

trapped Ameer Saleem who was under Usmania kingdom. Russian's captured Karimia and did not fulfill the promise made to Ameer Saleem. Russian's reached upto Balqan.

Turks faced the Russian's bravely and did not give up.

Revolt in Egypt

Ali Buk Ruler of Egypt revolted on the incentive of Russia, he captured Sham and he wanted to attack on Anotolia but Ameer Mohammed Buk defeated Ali Buk arrested the Russian officers, cut off their heads and sent to Sultan in Qustuntunia.

27-Sultan Abdul Hameed Awal bin Ahmed Salis

1187H-1203H (1773-1789AD)=16 yrs.

Age:-66 yrs.



Prime Minister

Khaleel Pasha.

Khwaja Yousuf Pasha.


Sultan was kind hearted but unaware of politics and unable to rule the kingdom.

Peace treaty

1188H-Prime Minister made peace treaty with Russian Field Marshal Romanzof and Turkey handed over Garjistan & Charkas to Russia. Karimia was made an independent country.


Karim Khan
who occupied Iran attacked on Baghdad and captured Basra.

Ruler of Baghdad Sulaiman Pasha fought bravely and turned Karim Khan out of Basra. 187

1198H-Russia captured Karimia.

1201H-Russia & Austria attacked simultaneously. Prime Minister Khwaja Yousuf fought bravely and defeated Austria, and arrested 50,000 Austrian, and killed thousands of them.

On the other hand Russia defeated Turkish army.

28-Sultan Saleem Salis bin Mustafa Salis

1203H-1222H (1789-1807AD)=19 yrs.




Prime Minister

Shareef Hussain Pasha


Sultan was brave, kind hearted & knowledgeable, but weak in decision making.


made pact with Turkey, and returned Belgrade & Serbia.

1206H-Russia made pact with Turkey, with the help of England, and Turkey gave up Karimia & Besribia to Russia.

1213H-France attacked with 36,000 army under command of Nepolian Bonapaart and captured Malta and sieged Iskandria and defeated Ibraheem Buk & Murad Buk.

1213H-Turkish Naval Force army alongwith England & Russia defeated France. Nepolian flew away to Cairo.

1215H-Nepolian was defeated and he left Egypt. 1216H-Nepolian said to Sultan that Russia has captured Greece Islands and England has captured Egypt which is dangerous for you. So if you develop relations with France you can come out from danger. Therefore new pact was made with France, according to which the territory between Egypt & Greece Islands was accepted under Usmania Kingdom.

1220H-Russia & England brought their Naval Fleet and asked for developing relations. On refusal by Sultan they attacked on Gelipoli and sieged Iskandria. Ruler of Egypt Mohammed Ali Pasha with wisdom and tactics made both the fleets to retreat with disgrace.


got time for reforms within the kingdom. He prepared an army of 12,000 on modern style.

Developed huge Mortar Gun & Ship Industry. Established modern Military College for army training.

29-Sultan Mustafa Rabe bin Abdul Hameed Awal

1222H-1223H (1807-1808AD)=1 yr.

Age:-30 yrs.



Prime Minister

Hilmi Ibraheem Pasha.



As soon as Mustafa
came in power he abolished the rules enforced by Sultan Saleem. Inkisharia became happy but Prime Minister Hilmi became sad. Inkisharia killed Hilmi.

1222H-France & Russia wanted to attack on Usmania kingdom and distribute the occupied European territories amongst each other, but fight between France & Russia started. Russia was defeated, so he made pact with Usmania kingdom. 188

1223H-Army Generals wanted to dismiss Mustafa and bring back Sultan Saleem, but the guards of the palace killed Saleem. So Mahmood brother of Mustafa was brought on throne.

30-Sultan Mahmood Sani bin Abdul Hameed Awal

1223H-1255H (1808-1839AD)=32 yrs.

Age:-55 yrs.


Death:-1255H. In Astana.

Prime Minister

Alamdar Mustafa.


had good moral character. He was brave and kind, but his ministers and army leaders did not supported him in spite of that he tried his best to save the kingdom.

He observed justice.

He introduced western dress and Tarbush/Turkish cap.

People of every religion were wearing the same European dress due to which it was difficult to differentiate between muslims and non-muslims.

Teaching of every religion started.

First Turkish language Newspaper started in 1839AD.

Hospitals, clinics & Medical College was opened, where surgery was particularly taught.

1830AD- Slavery & selling of women was stopped.


killed the Prime Minister and wanted to bring back in power Sultan Mustafa. Therefore Sultan Mahmood killed Mustafa.1224H-Russia attacked and came inside Usmania territories upto Bulgaria. Therefore Usmania kingdom made pact with Russia and gave up the forts of Bandar, Kelly. Khuneen & Aaq. River Prut became the border between Usmania kingdom & Russia.

Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab Najadi

Age:-76 yrs.

Birth:-1102H - 1691AD. In Aya near Najad.

Death:-1178H - 1765AD.

Teachings & Reforms

The condition of arabs in Najad became worst socially, economically and from religious point of view. So Shaikh after completing his religious studies from Shaikh Abdullah bin Ibraheem in Madina, returned back and started teaching in Aynia-Najad. His teaching was on Unity of Almighty Allah. His followers increased in large number.

Ameer Mohammed Ibne Saud-Chief of Arab tribe of Najad also became the follower of the Shaikh.

1118H-1707AD. All the Arab tribes in Riyadh and its surrounding became the follower of the Shaikh.

1178H-1765AD. Shaikh & Ameer Mohammed bin Saud died. His son Abdul Aziz became the Ameer. He was brave, he collected the Arabs and started attacks on Iraq.

Prince Saud s/o Abdul Aziz wanted to capture Turkish kingdom.

1216H-1802AD. Prince Saud prepared 30,000 army and attacked on Najaf Ashraf & Karbala defeated the Ruler and took away the treasures.

1217H-1803AD.- Ameer Abdul Aziz was killed by an Iranian. His son Saud became Ameer.

1218H-1804AD.- Ameer Saud captured Makka & Madina and took away the treasures and took away the gold plates on the Tomb of Prophet SA. This was all done in the name of Islam.- Ultimately the Najadi army captured entire Arab except Yemen & Hazar Maut.

1224H-1809AD.- Ameer Saud with 6,000 army captured Sham.


1226H-1811AD.- Sultan Mahmood sent Mohammed Ali Pasha-Ruler of Egypt to deal with the Najadi Army, but in the life time of Ameer Saud could not succeed.

1229H-1814AD.- Ameer Saud died, his son Abdullah became Ameer.

1230H-1815AD.- Mohammed Ali Pasha sent his son Ibraheem Pasha. He defeated Abdullah bin Saud by mortar gun attacks, arrested him and sent to Qustuntunia, where he was assassinated.

Revolt in Greece

People of Greece revolted for independence. Ibraheem Pasha went and crushed the revolt.

End of Inkisharia

Inkisharia revolted and sieged the Palace. Sultan Mahmood collected the muslims and fought against the Inkisharia and killed them alongwith their leaders in the field of Juwai. After 300 years

Inkisharia were finished because of their mischief.

Independence of Greece

People of Greece again started independence movement. Russia supported them and drowned all the ships anchored at the port of Saqar Island, in which 3,000 Turks were martyred.Ultimately Greece was given independence by Usmania kingdom on condition to pay 500,000 Qarsh yearly to Usmania kingdom.

Russia captured Serbia

attacked on Serbia, and Qustuntunia became in danger. European interfered and brought peace by giving up Siberia to Russia.

France captured Algeria

1246H-France captured Algeria, but Usmania kingdom could not do anything because of its weakness. Syed Abdul Qadir leader of National Liberation Front fought for 17 years but failed.

Battle of Egypt

Mohammed Ali Pasha
sent his son Ibraheem Pasha. He captured several cities of Sham.

Sultan Mahmood had to take help of Russia. Turkish army with the help of Russia defeated Ibraheem Pasha, and it was agreed that Mohammed Ali Pasha will be Ruler Egypt, Sham & Halab. And Ibraheem Pasha will be Ruler of Crete Island.



31-Sultan Abdul Majeed Awal bin Mahmood Sani

1255H-1277H (1839-1861AD)=22 yrs.




Prime Minister

Rasheed Pasha



sent Hafiz Pasha to stop Mohammed Ali Pasha from increasing arms & ammunition, but Ibraheem Pasha defeated him. Seeing this condition Sultan made pact with England, Prushia & Russia, and confined Mohammed Ali Pasha as Ruler of Egypt only.

1270H-Russia sent forces in Romania and drowned the Usmanian ships in Sinoop.

-Turkish united France & Italy and defeated Russia at Sabastupole. 1271-73H:-Peace talk was held in France and Europe decided to give Sabastupole to Russia and Fort Qars to Turkey. Gulf of Danyal was closed for all the Naval fleets. Usmania Kingdom was accepted as a Civilized Western Kingdom.

-Daruzi & Christian fought in Lebanon. Europe jumped in the support of christians. Sultan sent Fawad Pasha and it was decided to appoint one representative from each group.

1259H-1843AD:-Fortunes of Saud family restored by Faisal.


Sultan made judicial rights equal for every nation, and stopped cruelty on weak.

Organized the Land & Naval forces.

made laws in judiciary courts on the pattern of France Government.

32-Sultan Abdul Aziz bin Mahmood Sani

1277H-1293H (1861-1876AD)=16 yrs.

Age:-48 yrs.



Prime Minister

Aali Pasha:-He studied in England. So because of him Sultan created good relations with


Mahmood Nadeem Pasha:-Incapable man.


Sultan formed an advisory committee.

He developed the Naval Force so strong that it became the 2nd. Biggest Naval Power of the world.

Sultan was broad minded abd he wanted to make his country like Europe. So he traveled in Europe. First he went to Egypt.

1283H-1867AD.-Sultan alongwith his Princess and Ameers went to France. In Paris he attended the meetings and had meals with the Emperor.

Then he went to England, met Queen Victoria. She gave a hot welcome to Sultan and served well. He met Minister of India Sir Stafford North Court, he invited him on meal.

Then he went to Vienna, and returned back.

1284H-1868AD.-Prince of Whales s/o Queen Victoria alongwith his wife came to Qustuntunia and remained guest of Sultan. Then Empress of France came to Sultan.

Then Emperor Joseph King of Austria became guest of Sultan in his special Palace. Remained day & night with him. There was no difference in appearance between the two. Except


Sultan's going to mosque and King's going to Church only differentiated between muslim & christian.

Sultan was Europeanised, because of which he became extravagant, spending in luxuries & plays.

Prime Minister died Mahmood Nadeem Pasha became Prime Minister, he was an incapable man due to which bribery, adultery became common. Posts and positions were being sold. Law & order was shattered. Riots & revolts started at different places.

In Bosnia & Herzigonina thousands of muslims were martyred by christians.

Sultan was busy in making pact with Russia, the result was that millions of muslims were martyred in Black mountain, Serbia & Bulgaria.

The riots spread so much that ultimately Prime Minister & Sultan had to be dismissed and Sultan Murad 5th.was brought in power.

Sultan Abdul Aziz suicided due to sorrow & sadness.

1869AD:-Suez Canal was opened.

33-Sultan Murad Khamis bin Abdul Hameed

1293H for few months.

Age:-80 yrs.



Prime Minister:-Rushdi Pasha

crushed the revolt in Balqan. Hassan Buk Charkas, in revenge of Sultan Abdul Aziz dismissal killed Commander in Chief Hussain Pasha & Prime Minister Rushdi Pasha.

Murad fell in mental illness and 3 months of treatment could not cure him, so he was dismissed. He remained in 'Illuminated Palace' and died in 1332H.

34-Sultan Abdul Hameed Sani bin Abdul Majeed

1293H-1328H (1876-1910AD)=35 yrs.




Prime Minister

Midhat Pasha


The social, economical & political condition of the kingdom was very bad. Riots & revolts were raising throughout the kingdom.

Midhat Pasha under the present condition prepared a Governing Regulation for the kingdom. Sultan announced the regulation which brought peace & happiness in the general public.

1294-95H:-Russia, Serbia & Montenegro at war with Turkey.

Battle of Palona

Russia attacked crossed River Tuna and reached Palona, and advanced till San Stepheno. European felt the danger and stopped Russian advancement. San Stepheno Pact was made.

England & Austria did not agree to the pact and Berlin pact was made. According to which Ardhan Batoom & Fort Qaras was given to Russia. Bulgaria was made a separate state under Usmania kingdom. Romania, Serbia & Qartagh became independent states. Taslia was given to Greece.

Sultan broke the Democratic government and those who wanted democracy were turned out of the kingdom.

1295H-1878AD:-Treaty of San Stefano negotiated by Russia & Turkey.

1295H-1878AD:-Berlin congress: Independence of Serbia, Montenegro & Romania from Usmania kingdom. 192

1295H-1878AD.- England also wanted to have his share so he showed the danger of capturing Baghdqd & Basra by Russia to Sultan and said that our forces if allowed in Cyprus would protect from this danger. Prime Minister Safwat Pasha was British agent, he supported and England captured Cyprus without fighting.

1296H-1879AD.- France captured Tunis.

1296H-1879AD.- England captured Egypt, and killed muslim men, women, children & old badly

1297H-1880AD.- Sudan agitated against the killing of muslims in Egypt. England attacked on Sudan but a great honourable religious leader Mehdi Sudani killed the Englishmen. 1300H-1883AD.- England sent Lord Kitches with agreat army who bribed the Sudani leaders, and with the help of these betrayers England managed to defeat the Sudani's. As Mehdi Sudani died earlier, the Englishmen took out his body from grave and humilated it. This was the behavior of the Lord of a so called civilized nation.

1302H-1885AD.- Eastern Rome Aly separated from Usmania kingdom and made confederation with Bulgaria.

1310H-1893AD- French conquer Dahomey.

1312H-1895AD.- Arminians rioted and hundreds were killed.

1313H-1896AD.- Crete was taken over by Russia, England, France & Italy.

1320H-1902AD:-Fighting continued with Usman backed clan Rashidi & Wahabi upto 1902.

Abdul Aziz bin Saud


Founder of Saudi Arabia.

1902-The Wahabi leader fought and captured most of the surrounding of Macca till Riyadh and made the capital in Riyadh.

1916- Shareef Hussain in World War-I proclaimed himself King of Arabia. British established relation with Abdul Aziz bin Saud supported him against Shareef Hussain & Rashidi.

Turkish Youth Movement

Joint power of Europe was busy in distributing the Usmania kingdom and the Ministers were under the control of Europe. Seeing this condition the youths of Turkey formed a committee called ''Turkish Youth'.

The leaders of Turkish Youth were Niazi buk, Anwar buk & Mustafa Kemal Pasha.

Mustafa Kemal Pasha

Birth:-March 1881AD

Graduated from Army College-Minaster

He became revolutionary minded by reading the books.

He wrote a poetry against the cruelty of Sultan Abdul Hameed.

He started giving speech in the gatherings of Turkish Youth movement.

He raised the slogan of "Turkey is for Turks".

It was during his study in Army College when Greece jumped in the war against Usmania kingdom and started killing muslims young, old, men, women & children, savagely.

Sultan Abdul Hameed eyes were now opened and he sent an army in which Army College students were also sent. Mustafa Kemal was the leader of the students, he fought bravely and defeated the Greece army at Crete Island.

Mustafa was sent to the Army University Qustuntunia.

He then went to Army Officers College and became Lieutenant.

He started making his colleagues revolutionary minded.

He started publishing Newspaper
Hurriat. This created revolutionary movement in general public.

He completed his studies and was given the rank of Yuzbashi.

He was given residence in Islambul a locality in Qustuntunia.

He formed a committee named Jamayat Hurriyat.


He met Anwar Bey & daughter of Russian Ambassador.

Sultan arrested him.

arrest did not effect the movement, its branches spread throughout the kingdom.

Now all the clever & naughty youth came out in politics.

1891AD-All the youths turned out from Usmania kingdom collected in Geneva and formed a committee " Usmani Committee for Unit & Development". Later when the number increased its headquarter was based in Paris and branches were established in London and capital of other European countries.

1907AD-A congress of Usmani Revolutionaries was held in Paris in which all revolutionary committees of Arminia, Bulgaria, Arab jews, Albany etc. participated.

Mustafa Kemal was released and was made Army Officer. Anwar Bey & Niazi Bey announced the revolution big posters were pasted in different languages. Sultan, Commander in Chief, General Inspector & Major army Generals were also informed officially.

Mustafa Kemal being in the army tried to influence Sultan for acceptance of the revolutionaries demand and on the other hand supported the revolutionaries with weapons and money.

The army also refused to fight against the Revolutionary Committee. Sultan had to allow the Revolutionary Committee for the announcement of Democracy

1908AD-Democratic Government was established. Salunika was made the Capital of Democratic Government. The Youth Committee was dissolved.

1908AD-Western countries took benefit.:-

Greece captured Crete. Prince Ferdinand revolted in Bulgaria.

1908-Bulgaria declares full independence.

1908-Bosnia-Herzegovina annexed by Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Serbia claimed for independence.

1908AD-Sultan was a politician he paralyzed the parliament. The army became against the democratic rules because it was against Islamic laws. So some of the leaders of the Committee was killed.

1909AD-Mustafa Kemal went to Tripoli and met the Arab leader Shaikh Ahmed bin Syed Mohammed Shareef Sanusi and opened Army College for Arab Badvien's 1909AD-Thousands of Sultan's supporters agitated against Democratic Government. Mukhtar Pasha could not face the agitation, Democratic Government was dissolved and again Kingdom was formed. Nazim Pasha Minister of Defense imposed curfew in Qustuntunia.

Kamil Pasha became Prime Minister.

1910AD-Mustafa Kemal came back, started making speeches, motivated the youngsters and formed "Young Turkish Party" and became the leader of this party. The party demanded the dismissal of Nazim Pasha. Prime Minister did not took any action.

An army brigade sieged the Prime Minister House and raised slogan for the removal of the Prime Minister. Ultimately the Prime minister was removed and Hussain Hilmi Pasha friend of Mustafa Kemal became the Prime Minister.

Sultan killed Prince Yousuf Azuddin and his army defeated the Young Turkish Party.

Prime Minister Hilmi Pasha was removed and Adham Pasha took his place.

1909AD-Mustafa Kemal left Qustuntunia and went to Salunika. Niazi Bey and other party leaders collected and started preparation to attack on Qustuntunia. 3rd. army core commander was Mahmood Shaukat Pasha. Commander in Chief was Mustafa Kemal himself. Niazi Bey was the Commander of Minaster army. Anwar Bey was along Niazi. Mustafa Kemal attacked and defeated the Sultan army. Mustafa took "Fatwa" from Shaikhul Islam for the dismissal of Sultan.

1328H. April 1909AD-Sultan Abdul Hameed was dismissed and sent to Salunika. He remained in Army Palace for 9 years and died in 1918AD.


35-Sultan Mohammed Khamis bin Abdul Majeed

1328H-1336H (1909-1917AD)=8 yrs.





1329H(1911AD)-Italy attacked on Tripoli with 23,000 army. Britain & France
stopped the way of Turkish help through Egypt & Africa.

Anwar Bey & Mustafa Kemal reached Tripoli and with the help of local Arabs defeated the Italians badly.

1330H(1912AD)-Balqan started fight with Turkey, so Anwar Bey & Mustafa Kemal left Tripoli for Qustuntunia. Italy again attacked on Tripoli. Arabs fought bravely. Ameer Ali Pasha came from Sham fought bravely and was martyred. Ali Nazmi Bey 15 years old student of army college came secretly fought bravely and was martyred. Shaikh Abdullah Trablasi and his 11 years old daughter fought bravely and was martyred. Turks & Arabs jointly fought bravely and only 3,000 Mujahid defeated 13,000 Italian army.

1331H(1913AD)-But ultimately Italy attacked with great army and captured Tripoli.

1330H(1912AD)-Anwar Bey saw that Shukri Pasha has been surrounded by the enemy at Adrianople, so he sent an army in the Command of Mahmood Shaukat Pasha & Mustafa Kemal. During this time Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece & Montinegro started fight with each other.

1331H(1913AD)-Prime Minister Kamil Pasha opponent of Mustafa Kemal started making no war pact with Britain and agreement was to be signed on 23rd. Jan.

Mustafa Kemal & Anwar Bey reached Qustuntunia and asked Kamil Pasha not to sign the agreement. Kamil Pasha did not agree, so by force resignation was taken from them and new cabinet was approved from Sultan Mohammed as follows:-

Prime Minister:-Mahmood Shaukat Pasha.

Foreign Minister:-Talat Pasha.

Defense Minister:-Izat Pasha.

Governor Qustuntunia:-Anwar Pasha.

World War-I

1332H(1914AD)- World War started in Europe.

President Prince Saeed Haleem
made a secret pact with Germany.

Britain attacked on Bay of Danyal by War ships. Turkish army defeated them badly.

Britain attacked on Iraq through Basra. Turkish defeated them badly.

British army flew away. General Townshend and his army was arrested.

1916-British surrender to Turks at Kut al Amara in Mesopotamia.

1916-Russians take Erzurum-Turkey.

Revolt by Shareef Makka

1334H(Nov.1916AD)-Shareef Hussain of Makka
took millions of money from Jamal Pasha to prepare an army of 15,000 arab army for Egypt war, but he took the help of Britain turned out the Turks from Hijaz and proclaimed Independence. Turkey was defeated by Russia due to which he had to bring his army from Iraq.

Britain got the chance to capture Baghdad, Sham & Palastine to Musal.

1335H(Aug.1917AD)-Allied Powers distributed Turkish territory in the conference of Paris:-

Russia took Armenia, Eastern Anotolia, Aastana & Bay of Danyal.

Britain took Haifa & Baghdad.

France took Iskandria/Alexandra & Musal.

Italy took Western Anotolia.

Palastine became the joint property.


Shareef Hussain was dreaming for the entire Arab Rulership, but now his own Rulership was in the hands of Britain.

declares war on Central Powers; Bolshevik revolution in Russia.

1917-Belfour Declaration commits Britain to creation of Jewish state in Palestine.

1917-British take Baghdad & Jerusalem.

36-Sultan Abdul Waheed Khan bin

1336H-1341H (1918-1923AD)=5 yrs.




1918AD-President Wilson of America entered the war with Allied Power. They got victory and World War ended.

Because of the opinion of Talat pasha, Anwar Pasha & Jamal Pasha Turkish Government entered the war, now they disappeared and went to Berlin.

1918AD-Allied forces entered Qustuntunia and started interfering in the Government policies.

Greece with the help of Britain captured Samarna Seaport.

1919AD-In Paris conference 10 Allied countries voted for ending the Turkish Government.

1920AD-Allied forces took control of Turkish Government. Britain arrested 66 members of Ahrar and imprisoned them in Malta. British President's son in law Fareed Pasha was made President and a dummy ministry was formed controled by Britain.

Mustafa Kemal

Mustafa Kemal made speeches motivated the Turks, collected them on one platform.

1919AD-Mustafa Kemal took his friends and companions reached Anotolia and held a conference in which 80 members from Anotolia participated, and formed a National Guard Committee, and an Emergency tour motivating the nation.

1920AD-Mustafa Kemal was elected President of the National Party. All the Ahrar escaped from Qustuntunia reached Anotolia and joined National Party.

Turks started fight with old broken weapons with Greece who was killing the women, children & old savagely. On the other hand Turks fought bravely wth the French who captured South East of Anotolia & Saleshia in the North of Sham, and defeated them badly.

French made peace treaty and returned back Saleshia.

Aug.1921AD-Mustafa Kemal with 200,000 army attacked on Greece who captured the Turkish territories. Defeated them and took back Barusa & Izmir.

Then he attacked on Samarna and defeated 300,000 Greece army, most of them were killed and arrested, very few managed to escape. Too much booty was also obtained.

Europe was surprised to see the bravery of Turks and became so afraid that they made peace pact and left Qustuntunia.

Lausanne Conference-Switzerland

Nov.1922AD-Asmat Pasha from Turkey attended the conference, debated with Lord Carson of England and made them quiet. Qustuntunia, Therese, Anotolia & Asia came back in Turkish territories. Turks became independent as before.

1922-USSR(Union of Soviet Socialist Republic) formed.

Oct.1923AD-Allied forces left Qustuntunia and Sultan Abdul Waheed Khan also left with British ship to Malta.

31 Oct.1924AD-Mustafa Kemal became the President of Democratic Republic of Turkey, and was given the title of Ataturk. The capital was shifted to Ankara.


Khulafa Usmania

687H-1342H(1288-1924AD)=655 yrs.


Capital:- Qustuntunia.

Total Khulafa/Sultan = 37.

1-Ameer/Sultan Usman Khan bin Artughral

687-727H=40 yrs. 1288-1326AD.

2-Sultan Aur Khan bin Ameer Usman.

727-760H=33 yrs. 1326-1360AD.

3-Sultan Murad Awal bin Aur Khan

760-791H=31 yrs, 1360-1389AD.

4-Sultan Bayazeed Awal bin Murad.

791-805H=14 yrs. 1389-1402AD.

Note:-For 11 years sons of Sultan fought for kingdom.

5-Sultan Mohammed Awal bin Bayazeed.

816- 824H=8 yrs. 1413-1421AD.

6-Sultan Murad Sani bin Mohammed Awal.

824-855H=31 yrs. 1421-1451AD.

7-Sultan Mohammed Sani bin Murad Sani.

855-886H=31 yrs. 1451-1481AD.

8-Sultan Bayazeed Sani bin Mohammed Sani.

886-918H=32 yrs. 1481-1512AD.

9-Sultan Saleem Awal bin Bayazeed Sani.

918-926H=8 yrs. 1512-1520AD.

10-Sultan Sulaiman Aazam bin Saleem.

926-974H=47 yrs. 1520-1566AD.

11-Sultan Saleem Sani bin Sulaiman.

974-982H=8 yrs. 1566-1574AD.

12-Sultan Murad Salis bin Saleem Sani.

982-1003H=21 yrs. 1574-1595AD.

13-Sultan Mohammed Salis bin Murad Salis.

1003-1012H=9 yrs. 1595-1603AD.

14-Sultan Ahmed Awal bin Mohammed Salis.

1012-1026H=14 yrs. 1603-1617AD.

15-Sultan Mustafa Awal bin Mohammed Salis.

1026H=3 months+1031-1032H=1 yr. 1617+1622-1623AD

16-Sultan Usman Sani bin Ahmed Awal.

1027-1031H=4 yrs. 1618-1622AD.

17-Sultan Murad Rabe bin Ahmed Awal.

1032-1049H=17 yrs. 1623-1639AD.

18-Sultan Ibraheem bin Ahmed Awal.

1049-1053H=4 yrs. 1639-1643AD.

19-Sultan Mohammed Rabe bin Ibraheem.

1053-1099H=46 yrs.1643-1688AD.

20-Sultan Sulaiman Sani bin Ibraheem.

1099-1102H=3 yrs. 1688-1691AD.

21-Sultan Ahmed Sani bin Ibraheem.

1102-1106H=4 yrs. 1691-1695AD.

22-Sultan Mustafa Sani bin Mohammed Rabe.

1106-1115H=9 yrs.1695-1703AD.

23-Sultan Ahmed Salis bin Mohammed Rabe.


1115-1143H=28 yrs. 1703-1730AD.

24-Sultan Mahmood Awal bin Mustafa.

1143-1168H=25 yrs. 1730-1754AD.

25-Sultan Usman Salis bin Mustafa.

1168-1171H=3 yrs. 1754-1757AD.

26-Sultan Mustafa Salis bin Ahmed Salis.

1171-1187H=16 yrs. 1757-1773AD.

27-Sultan Abdul Hameed Awal bin Ahmed Salis.

1187-1203H=16 yrs. 1773-1789AD.

28-Sultan Saleem Salis bin Mustafa Salis.

1203-1222H=19 yrs. 1789-1807AD.

29-Sultan Mustafa Rabe bin Abdul Hameed Awal.

1222-1223H=1 yr. 1807-1808AD.

30-Sultan Mahmood Sani bin Abdul Hameed Awal.

1223-1255H=32 yrs. 1808-1839AD.

31-Sultan Abdul Majeed Awal bin Mahmood Sani.

1255-1277H=22 yrs.1839-1861AD.

32-Sultan Abdul Aziz bin Mahmood Sani.

1277-1293H=16 yrs. 1861-1876AD.

33-Sultan Murad Khamis Bin Abdul Majeed.

1293H=Few months. 1876AD.

34-Sultan Abdul Hameed Sani bin Abdul Majeed.

1293-1328H=35 yrs.1876-1910AD.

35-Sultan Mohammed Khamis bin Abdul Majeed.

1328-1336H=8 yrs.1910-1918AD.

36-Sultan Abdul Waheed Khan bin

1336-1341H=5 yrs.1918-1923AD.

37-Sultan Abdul Majeed bin Abdul Waheed.

1341-1342H=1 yr. 1923-1924AD.



Architect Sinan

1491-1588AD In his 97 yrs age he constructed 131 mosques and over 200 buildings all over the empire many commissioned by Sultan. Moreover he solved difficult problems of road and bridge building.

His most famous work is the Sulaimania Mosque in Istanbul where Sulaiman the magnificent is buried.


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